YouTube Stars “KSI” And Joe Weller Settle Their Feud In A Live Streamed Boxing Fight

Not one for boxing or even fighting purists here, but the heavily anticipated bout between YouTube stars, KSI and Joe Weller went down on Saturday evening at London’s Copper Box Arena.

It wasn’t the usual crowd that jammed into the famous East End Bear Pit, with a notably higher-pitched crowd reacting to each and every strike. The ring was surrounded by young YouTube stars and adoring fans of both the men in the fight itself although it sounded like Weller drew a lot more support than his opponent. The whole scene made for a very different experience that we haven’t seen before.

Credit: Daily Dot

The fight came about as a result of a much-publicised and escalating spat between KSI and Weller that started as long as 6 months ago. The two agreed to settle their differences in the ring and the lead up to the fight gained momentum thanks to heated exchanges on Twitter. KSI is currently the 35th most-followed entertainer on YouTube boasting some 17 million subscribers.

Credit: YouTube

15 million people have now viewed the live stream which was commentated by internet sports bloggers The True Geordie and Laurence McKenna. After a few undercards, the main event kicked off much to the delight of those in attendance and the 1.5 million live viewers. The fight was to go a maximum of 6 rounds however from the outset it never looked like it would go the distance.

KSI’s substantial reach advantage looked to be too much for Weller, however, the opening round saw both fighters land punches. The round concluded with KSI the obvious leader. After a very one-sided second round, a bloodied and well-beaten Weller had the fight waved off after a barrage of strikes from KSI left him reeling.

Credit: YouTube

The fight wasn’t a complete scrap and obviously the two had trained hard in the lead-up. However, it was obviously a fight for entertainment purposes and to settle a public beef. Post-fight, KSI applauded his opponent’s toughness and himself generally. He then added some flavour by calling out controversial fellow YouTube personality Logan Paul. Big LOLs all round.

JJ said after the fight: ‘I talked the talk and I walked the walk motherfucker. ‘On the real though, Joe you are way harder, way tougher than I thought. Fair play, respect for you for getting in the ring and giving me a tough battle, bro.’ And Joe said: ‘Obviously I’m gutted. I thought we did everything we could do to defeat JJ, but he prevailed. Those blows, they stun you. 100% respect, he put in the work, and that power is lethal.’

See the highlights on the player below:

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