VIDEO: The moment when Michael Bisping became a fan of Carlos Condit


If you had just begun watching UFC fights, you probably won’t think too highly of former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit these days. “The Natural Born Killer” is currently on a four-fight losing streak, and has not tasted victory since 2015.

But if you are a long-time MMA fan who saw Condit’s rise through both the UFC and the now defunct WEC, you would know how much of a threat he was to every top 170-pound contender in the game. Apart from his highlight reel victories against Dan Hardy and Dong Hyun Kim, he also holds a win over Nick Diaz, and was able to push Georges St-Pierre to the limit during their title fight at UFC 154 in 2012.

B.J. Penn, Carlos Condit, Urijah Faber, and Michael Bisping visited the US troops in Afghanistan in 2008.

What many fans do not know, however, is Condit’s personality outside of the cage. According to a personal account from former middleweight champion Michael Bisping, at least, the Albuquerque, New Mexico-born fighter does live up to his Natural Born Killer nickname.

During this week’s episode of his “Believe You Me” podcast, “The Count” recalled the time when he became an instant fan of Condit when they had the chance to fly off to Afghanistan in 2008 to visit the United States Special Forces that were stationed there at the time.

According to Bisping, it all happened when one of the soldiers approached them and asked for a quick sparring session. The brash-talking Brit said he had a “nice friendly spar” with the soldier, but could not say the same thing for another special forces member who asked to spar with Condit.

Photo: UFC

“One guy then says to Carlos Condit, another one of the special forces guys, ‘do you want to spar’ and Carlos Condit says ‘yeah, sure, no problem,’” Bisping recalled. “They put the gloves on and the special forces guy says ‘how hard do you want to spar?’

“Carlos replies ‘I’ll hit you, as hard as you hit me,’ which is a fair answer, but it was a very cool answer because he was [saying] ‘if you want to go hard motherf—er, we will go hard, but if you want to keep it light and friendly then we can go light and friendly, the ball is in your court.’”

What happened next, according to Bisping, was kind of a shocker, both for Condit and the soldier.

“So the guy says ‘cool’ but then all of a sudden, right then and there the special forces guy BANG … he sucker punches him as hard as he can and I mean a f—ing hard shot and Carlos goes down to the floor,” Bisping said.

“It was a big heavy shot, but Carlos gets up, shakes his head, get’s his sh-t together, and then just goes at the guy,” he added. “Jab, right hand, left head kick, BOOM, knocks the special forces guy straight through the ropes onto the floor, unconscious, out cold.”

The crowd in attendance were in awe of what they saw, and so was Bisping, who became an instant fan afterward.

Michael Bisping admits being a huge fan of Carlos Condit.

“I was like ‘oh Carlos, I’m not sure that was the best thing to do,’ but fair play, ever since I saw that I was like he’s a bad motherf–er man,” Bisping said of Condit. “He’s a great guy.”

The clip of the sparring session begins at the 0:36 mark of the video below.

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