Father Knocks Out Dude For “Running Train” On His Daughter

This clip doesn’t go from zero to one hundred real quick, it starts at one hundred and goes from there! As soon as the video begins, an irate father can be seen throwing a dude out of his house and kicking him down the front porch.

Rather than run for the hills, this guy instead chooses to stand his ground and argue with this beast of a p*ssed off father. This turns out to be a big mistake.

In no time at all, he is knocked out by a swift right hook from Danger Dad. The dude’s friend, Mike, decides to get involved but the cameraman warns him against doing anything foolish. He yells “Watch out, Mike! Mike, move bro!” on repeat until Mike gets the message.

The reason for Danger Dad’s fury quickly becomes apparent when he stands over the prone fella and screams; “Don’t you lie, you fu*ked my daughter! You and that n*gga ran a train on my daughter!” right in his unresponsive face before delivering a solid punch to his gut.

For those of you not in the know, the top rated definition for “run a train” in the bastion of knowledge and culture known as urbandictionary.com is this:

“Gettin a dumbass hoodrat that loves c*ck and just pass her around the homies like she’s a blunt.” So now you can understand why Danger Dan was so p*ssed…

He then (rather unfairly, it must be said) accuses the poor lad of breaking his front door even though he was the one who did the worst Uncle Phil/Jazzy Jeff impression known to man just seconds earlier.

Danger Dad then ominously proclaims; “I’m that n*gga that’s gonna wreck your world!” I think the dude’s world is already a little wrecked at this stage, though, to be honest.

Here’s a pro tip for all you fellas out there; don’t run a train on this guys girl. In fact, don’t even bone her; it’s just not worth it…


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