Matt Brown Plans To Punch Snoop Dogg In The Face When He Sees Him

Popular longtime UFC welterweight Matt Brown has finally made an appearance on UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, and his appearance certainly has made some waves.

The “Immortal” isn’t so fond of non-fighters making a mockery of the brave men and women who step into the octagon or ring to entertain the masses, and rightly so.

The men and women on the UFC’s roster, or indeed any combat sport, deserve respect, as they lay their lives on the line every time they step into the arena to fight. You might be able to see why the UFC welterweight might not be so happy with professional rapper Snoop Dogg, who posted a joking video about UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor after he lost his boxing match to Floyd “Money” Mayweather by TKO in the tenth round.

Photo: USAT

“Snoop Dogg, that piece of shit. I’ll call him out,” Brown said as Rogan brought up ‘insult commentary’, a type of sports commentary that has leaked into mixed martial arts over the last few years.

“He called Conor, remember he called him a bitch? That’s not cool. I don’t care. He put it out in public. He could have apologized, deleted it, whatever. If I go to the UFC PI [performance institute], I might just punch him if I see him there. I’m cool with that.”

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Brown also declared himself to be a fan of the Irish mixed martial artist, who shocked the world when he knocked out UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to claim the UFC featherweight title.

“That really offends me,” Brown said. “Because Conor, people all have their opinions about him, I respect the sh*t out of that guy,” Brown said about McGregor. “I love what he’s done. I love his schtick. I think he’s a true sportsman. I like he comes into the limelight for a little while and then he goes back and I think he goes back and he works his ass off. I really think he does.

Photo: USAT

“He wouldn’t be where he’s at if he didn’t. But everybody judges him by what he does out here.”

Check out the full video of the interview with Joe Rogan and Matt Brown below and let us know what you think!