Chuck Lidell Calls Out TWO Former Light Heavyweight Champions for His Return Fight

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has been saying he would like to make a comeback for years, and as of today has now officially confirmed that he will be returning to the Octagon after retiring on December 29th of 2010.

Liddell has targeted two of the UFC’s former light heavyweight champions as potential opponents for his return bout.

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Liddell established himself as a fearsome striker in his early career, winning against Kevin Randleman, Vitor Belfort, Renato Sobral and most notably Tito Ortiz, who he defeated by TKO at UFC 47 just 38 seconds into the second round. This would be the first time Ortiz had ever been knocked out.

The two men would rematch at UFC 66, with Liddell showcasing his striking and dropping Ortiz to the ground midway through the first round. “The Iceman” would later pressure Ortiz in the third round, eventually being declared the winner by TKO after dominating Ortiz with strikes on the ground.

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A third fight between the two light heavyweight stars slated for UFC 115 would fall through after Ortiz was forced to withdraw due to a serious neck injury.

“I will fight again,” Liddell said on the MMA Hour podcast today.

“It’s a real thing. They’re working on it.”

Liddell says he’ll be fighting again regardless of whether he ends up fighting against Ortiz.

“It does not hinge on Tito’s participation,” Liddell said.

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“I miss it. I never stopped missing it. And I kinda hadn’t really thought about it much. And then when he brought it up and we started getting going, and I started training and I started doing stuff again, getting ready to try to take this on, it made me go, ‘You know what, what if he pulls out? Am I not going to fight? Am I going to do all of this and not fight?’ Oh no, we had to have somebody backing up, and if it doesn’t work out with him, I’m [still] going to give it a shot. It’ll be somebody else, one of the guys from my past probably, most likely, and we’ll see where I’m at.”

The two men are in negotiations to fight on a pay-per-view event that may be promoted by GoldenBoy MMA and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya.

At 48-years-old, Liddell still thinks he has what it takes to take on the best light heavyweights in the world, saying the man he would most like to face is former UFC champion, Jon Jones. The embattled former champion was quick to respond.

Jones would later refer to Liddell’s jaw strength, a jab at “The Iceman’s” string of knockout losses toward the tail end of his career.

Jones is currently out of action and possibly facing a four-year suspension from the UFC after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances after fighting Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

Jones would later apologise to Liddell, citing “scheduling conflicts” as a reason the two may not ever be able to face off before saying he also had two other “similarly lethal opponents in Ric Flair and George Foreman awaiting”.

So, with Jones likely being on the shelf for the time being, is the world of mixed martial arts ready to see Chuck Liddell fight Tito Ortiz for the third time, or should we finally let the two men rest? Would Chuck Liddell ever have a real chance of defeating Jon “Bones” Jones?

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