Tai Tuivasa’s ‘Shoey’ Could Be The Greatest Post-Fight Celebration We’ve Ever Seen

Fresh-faced Aussie heavyweight, Tai Tuivasa may have taken his opponent to task in the Octagon, but the real story emerged in his post-fight. 4000 fans packed into the Perth Arena to see Tuivasa land a massive right hand to leave French fighter Cyril Asker reeling in the first round. The Frenchmen got little refuge against the cage as the Aussie unloaded on him until the fight was waved off by referee Steve Percival.

Credit: WWOS

See the pivotal moments here.

The fighter won a nation of hearts with his laddish persona. Even his reaction when the fight was over was unique and legendary. The tongue-out shimmy hasn’t been carried off with such confidence and prowess in the history of the sport. As you can see in the clip below, the commentators are in awe of the 24-year-old who is looking to go larger in the coming years.

But this wasn’t a patch on what was to follow. In what could become a trademark for the New South Welshman, as he made his way over to his mates in the crowd to celebrate, one of them presented him with a shoe and a beer. The bloke knew exactly what to do as he deposited the beer into the shoe before skolling it down in one swift manoeuvre.

Many of us have given a ‘shoey’ a crack before, but it would be tough to beat the occasion that surrounded this one. The noteworthy aplomb with which Tuivasa executed the act showed us a man that is well versed in his craft.

Credit: Perth Now

Dealing with the tail-end of the shoey is never an easy task. But young Tai didn’t panic. Rather nonchalantly tossing the harpic white Stan Smith back into the crowd before disappearing backstage.

See the tremendous footage of Tuivasa’s legendary shoey below.