Woman Retaliates After Being Deliberately Hit By An SUV Twice

Using a car as a weapon in a fist fight has to be one of the biggest b*tch moves you can pull so when the woman in this video goes down that route and ends up paying the price, it’s actually pretty satisfying to watch.

The two women involved in this very public brawl obviously know each other and have some sort of less-than-friendly history together.

Considering that fact, they probably could have chosen a more low-key spot to have a scrap…

Instead, they’re at a strip mall, in the goddamn carpark. The lady in the pink top (who I’ll call ‘Pink Top’ from here on in) is patiently waiting for her adversary to park up and throw down.

The guy filming these crazy events spots Pink Top’s nemesis, who is circling them in her SUV, like a shark getting ready to strike.

“Oh, sh*t! Right there, that’s her, she’s circling around. She’s ready for a big fight now,” our esteemed cameraman warns his friend.

But rather than park up and enter the fight zone on foot, this crazy b*tch actually tries to run over Pink Top, not once but twice!

She comes in hot as hell the first time and rams into Pink Top but the camera misses the moment of impact. Still, screams can be heard from just off camera as the SUV ploughs into her.

Considering what she just did and the location in which she did it, you’d think the driver would beat a hasty retreat before getting arrested but she decides to double down and ram her adversary again.

This time, Pink Top is ready for it, however: she sprawls and shows some solid takedown defence against the much larger automobile.

The nutty driver chooses to compound her stupid decisions by getting out of her SUV and taking Pink Top on in some hand-to-hand combat.

If she wasn’t able to beat the chick while using her SUV as a weapon, fu*k knows what possessed to think she would win in unarmed combat.


What follows is a brutal (and deserved) beatdown. SUV chick is just lucky that onlookers eventually threaten to call police on both women or her ass-kicking would have been much, much worse.

The ole hair-pull defence

Holding on for dear life…


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