Conor McGregor Jumps Into Bellator Cage And Starts Fight With Referee

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy after appearing to attack mixed martial arts referee Marc Goddard at the Bellator 187 event in Dublin, Ireland.

The two-weight world champion had been attending the event to watch his friend Charlie Ward fight John Redmond. Ward managed to knock out Redmond just as the first round came to a close, but according to Goddard, he had been waving off the round, not the fight.

In any case, McGregor jumped into the cage to celebrate Ward’s supposed victory, slapping a member of the commission in the face as he climbed his way in.

Photo: Bellator

Goddard quickly tried to get the Irish mixed martial artist to leave the cage after McGregor had run up and hugged his teammate. Goddard pushed McGregor in the chest, demanding he leave, and that’s when McGregor ran up and pushed him in the back as Goddard attended to Redmond, who was still on the ground at this point.

McGregor’s crew, including UFC lightweight fighter Artem Lobov, invaded the cage to try to break up the altercation, while McGregor yelled at Goddard. McGregor eventually left the cage, but this surely won’t be the end of the saga between Marc Goddard and McGregor now that the popular fighter has laid his hands on a mixed martial arts official.

Photo: Twitter

McGregor had previously had a spat with Goddard at the UFC Gdansk event, where he was told to get away from the side of the cage and to go back to his seat multiple times by the veteran referee.

Photo: UFC

UFC president Dana White has lambasted fighters such as Roy Nelson for touching referees. The popular heavyweight kicked referee John McCarthy following a perceived late stoppage back in 2016.

You don’t ever, ever put your f*cking hands on a referee, or your feet. For any reason what so-f*cking-ever. For any reason. He needs to be buried. He went over there and put his foot on him to push him over – was flipping him off and yelling whatever,” said White at the time.

Photo: WSI

“You want to flip a ref off – there’s never a situation where you ever, ever put your hands on a f*cking referee. Ever. You can’t apologize for that. We’ll see how the athletic commission handles that, but he needs to be buried for that one.”

Whether or not anything will happen to McGregor at this stage is unclear, but there will certainly be more news to come. Check out the video of the altercation below and let us know what you think!