Steroid Accusations RAMPANT As 40 Year Old Mayweather Shirtless Video Emerges

At the ripe old age of 40, Floyd Mayweather looks to be in the best goddamn shape of his life, leading many on social media to speculate that he has added ‘juice’ to his diet in preparation for what is likely to be his last outing inside a boxing ring.

A number of images emerged last week that showed McGregor in fantastic shape and although we saw Mayweather looking pretty ripped at the start of his fight camp, six weeks ago, he was nowhere near his current physique.

Discussion about McGregor being the stronger man has led some people to believe that it evens the playing field between him and his more highly skilled opponent and one world class coach thinks that the Irishman’s strength advantage is the key to him winning, but only if he uses it wisely…

Tristar coach Firas Zahabi recently discussed how McGregor could use his strength against Mayweather:

“McGregor is a sniper. He’s going to snipe the first few rounds, but there’s going to be a point where in my opinion, he won’t be able to keep up with the boxing pace,” Zahabi said.

“The distance is different. McGregor is not used to having somebody so close to him because there’s no kicks allowed. So when there’s no kicks allowed, we’re a little bit closer to each other and in boxing and in fighting, an inch is a mile. There might be just a few inches of difference but that’s a mile in fighting.”

“When Mayweather gets close, he better tie him up,” he said. “Use his physicality, use his background in wrestling to push him back out and keep the fight at a distance. Not to try to do what Maidana did.”

“He’s going to have to control the range, but there’s going to be a boxing range and in fighting range where Mayweather is just going to be light years ahead and McGregor has no chance in that range. McGregor has to use tie-ups, his experience in wrestling, his physicality of wrestling, his athleticism that he built from wrestling, to push Mayweather out, use his distance and reach, and beat Mayweather conceivably from the outside.”

“He’s gonna beat him by fatiguing him in the clinch or from the outside, sniping like he always does. McGregor is a distance fighter, mostly.”

Firas Zahabi

But judging by this most recent video, perhaps McGregor’s strength advantage won’t be as big as most people are anticipating. What do you reckon? Also, anyone care to weigh in on these rumours about Mayweather juicing? Sound off in the comments!

Mayweather was a lot skinnier before his fight with Shane Mosley

But it’s fair to say he’s looking buff as sh*t in the lead up to his fight with Conor McGregor