Internet Divided On Russian Dad’s Reaction To Nine-Year-Old Kids Bullying His Son

Video footage of a dad beating two boys who he says bullied his son has gone viral and it has the internet divided.

The incident occurred in the city of Krasnodar in south-western Russia. In the following clip, a 34-year-old father can be seen walking over to a group of children in a playground.

Clearly irate from the beginning, he bitchslaps a small child hard in the face before grabbing him and throwing him to the ground.

The angry dad then shoves a second child in the chest as the other kids cower in fear. He turns his attention back to the child he knocked to the ground and whacks him a second time before two adults intervene and try to calm the man down.

In an all-too-predictable plot twist, the father’s assertion that his son was being bullied has been challenged by one of the children’s mum.

The woman, named only as Olga, said the incident kicked off after a petty argument amongst the nine-year-old kids.

“Initially, the confrontation happened between the boys,” she said. “My 9-year-old son Ratmir and his pal Timur were out on the playground when one of the neighbouring boys approached them.”

According to Olga, the angry dad’s son was the one doing the bullying and was picking on Ratmir and Timur by throwing food at them so her kid fought back and ‘shooed’ him away.

Moments later, his fuming dad stormed over and slapped the sh*t out of Ratmir. Olga said her son played dead on the ground until the attack finished before sprinting home as fast as he could.

Pops was piiiised off

After bitchslapping the kid, he threw him to the ground

As a result of the incident, Olga said her son is no longer sleeping well at night and is scared to go back to the playground where the incident occurred. She has reported it to local police, who are currently investigating.

This kid copped less of a hiding, for some reason

And this poor fu*ker copped the brunt of it

What do you guys reckon about this one? Was the dad justified in using that kind of force or were his actions over the top?

I guess it’s a little hard to judge due to the fact that we have conflicting accounts of the events leading up to his attack but assuming his kid was being bullied, do you think he was in the right or in the wrong, here?