Reddit Theory Explains The Real Reason Behind Mayweather’s Bizarre Outfit

Although most fight fans were expecting The Notorious to be wearing something outrageous when he made his way to the ring last night, it was actually Floyd Mayweather who stole the show with a completely bizarre costume.

While McGregor was simply adorned with an Irish flag, Mayweather looked like a cross between a ninja and a bank robber when he made his way to the ring, dressed all in black, with a black balaclava and cap.

Viewers immediately began to take the p*ss out of his getup online, commenting that he looked like he was planning an Oceans Eleven style casino heist prior to the fight.

Another pointed out Mayweather’s resembelence to the black Power Ranger…

But it turns out that there may have been a more sinister motive behind the American’s strange choice in costume. A theory has been posted on Reddit that he wore the balaclava as a dig at at McGregor’s Irish nationality.

The poster pointed out the similarities between the ski mask and clothing worn by members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), an Irish paramilitary organisation that sought to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom’s possession.

McGregor is from Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and lived through the IRA attempts to a gain separation from the UK.

Ski masks were commonly used by IRA members to conceal their identity. Paul Tamburro from Crave Online backed up the theory by claiming that Mayweather’s choice of garb “may have actually been a subtle (albeit brutal) cheap shot at his opponent’s nationality”.

The traditional IRA uniform

“Given McGregor’s frequent references to his home country throughout the build-up to the fight — at the weigh-in he repeatedly shouted ‘Eire!’ in Mayweather’s face — it seems more likely that this was a dig at the UFC champion’s beloved homeland,” Tamburro wrote.

What do you guys reckon? Was Mayweather clearly having a dig at McGregor and his Irish heritage? Or did he just want to dress up like a Power Ranger? Let us know in the comments!