Jose Aldo Weighs In On McGregor-Malignaggi Beef: ‘He’s Not Good For The Sport’

Before he and Nate Diaz engaged in a couple of all-time classic bouts, Conor McGregor’s main rival in the UFC was the former featherweight champ, Jose Aldo.

He and Aldo engaged in a year’s worth of promotional build-up before finally meeting inside the Octagon at UFC 194. And we all know what happened on that night: McGregor took 13 seconds to end Aldo’s decade long reign at the top of the featherweight division.

But if you thought that time had helped to heal the rift between the two, you’d be wrong…

Speaking in a recent interview with FightHype, Aldo weighed in on McGregor’s ongoing feud with ex-training partner, Paulie Malignaggi, and claimed that the UFC lightweight champion has “no respect.”

“McGregor has no respect for the sport, for the person. That’s it. He’s not good for the sport.”

No hespect!

Malignaggi was hired to spar with McGregor in preparation for his bout with Floyd Mayweather but left in acrimonious circumstances last week after some images that were released and appear to show McGregor kicking the former world champion’s arse.

‘It was just a push, bro!’

Malignaggi says the photo that showed him on the canvas was actually taken after McGregor pushed him down. He also claims that he got the better of the Irishman during their sessions.

Aldo said that he believes that Malignaggi was pushed down and agreed with that former champ that although McGregor has power, he isn’t the hardest hitter going around.

“It was a push. Yes, I believe [Malignaggi]. “McGregor has a good punch but he cannot say that he’s the biggest puncher. MMA gloves are tiny – four ounces – so when they connect, they drop you.”

‘Drop’ is one word for it…

Aldo was obviously devastated by his loss to McGregor and the manner in which it happened. For a while, avenging it was the number one priority for the Brazilian but now, with the McGregor’s upcoming boxing fight, the former champ says that it will never happen because McGregor will retire after August 26.

“With the money he will get from this fight, he will never fight again. Not MMA, not boxing, nothing.”

He is quite a big a fan of money…