Dude On NYC Subway Takes Drunken Challenger Down With Expert Rear-Naked Choke

This video is the perfect example of the practical application of Jiu Jitsu…

In this clip, taken on the New York subway, a drunk dude in a baseball cap is in the middle of challenging a young guy to a fight.

He continuously asks the guy if he wants to punch him and feels the need to mention that he’s forty years old and has a daughter (for some insane reason).

A woman – who appears to not know either of the men – tries to calm the drunken fool down by reminding him that he’s a father but he responds by claiming that the young man was ‘acting gangsta’ and told him to ‘shut the fu*k up and sit the fu*k down.’


The lady puts him straight and explains that he didn’t actually say that. Does that have an effect? Does it fu*k! The drunk dude gets irater by the second. Exasperated, she eventually gives up and tells her friend “Well, I tried.”

Drunkey gets all up in the young guys face and reiterates that he’s 40 years old but when he gets a little too close and the young guy moves him away, Drunkey gets on his “Don’t touch me!” buzz.

He’s been looking for the young guy to make contact this entire video and now that he has, Drunkey goes into overdrive. He dares the young dude to punch him in the face but tells him “You’re gonna have to hit me hard, n*gga – I’m retarded.”

That’s a fairly unbelievable thing to boast about but it shows just how unstable this guy is. All the warning signs are there that he’s about to turn violent.

The young guy sees them and, quick as anything, he slinks to the guy’s side, gets behind him, and gets him in a solid rear-naked choke.

Beautiful technique

It becomes clear that this dude knows what the fu*k he’s doing when he takes the guy to the ground and sinks in both hooks, ensuring that the bloke can’t escape.

‘Both hooks are in, Joe!’

The video ends with him still gripping the dude like an anaconda. Legend has it that he still hasn’t let go, to this very day…