Dana White Tries To Guess UFC Fighters By Their Tattoos

It’s fair to say that UFC president Dana White isn’t the biggest fan of getting inked…

And listening to his reasoning for steering clear of tattoos, I have to say, his it’s pretty sound: in a recent video from GQ.com, White played a game of “Guess Those Tattoos” and he had this to say:

“I’m not really a tattoo guy. The time I would have got tattooed probably would have been the eighties, early nineties. Imagine what would be on my body right now. Jesus.”

“So many guys have really bad tattoos. Roadrunner, ya know, the Tasmanian Devil, barb wire, stupid sh*t like that tattooed on em.”

Considering the fact that there are over 500 active fighters on the UFC roster, White did surprisingly well at guessing whose tattoos were whose.

There were a couple of gimmies to begin with – like Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar – and White had this to say about the Irishmans ink:

“He had no tattoo’s when he started [in the UFC]. When Conor McGregor got that tattoo I was horrified and he said ‘You know why you don’t like these tattoos? Because you’re too old!'”

After the first couple of tats, things begin to get trickier. Still, White does pretty well and even offers some insightful commentary along the way:

“Listen, when you start tattooing on your neck, you don’t give a sh*t anymore, man,” he opined. “You don’t care about anything when you’re tattooing your neck!”

The pick of the bunch (for all the wrong reasons) has to be one fighter’s tribute to his favourite musician and Dana seems to both love and hate it:

“Ohhhh! That’s a really good-bad one. That is the worst thing I have ever seen. It actually doesn’t even look like Johnny Cash. We get it, you like Johnny Cash. But to tattoo it on your body forever? They sell plenty of Johnny Cash t-shirts: get one in every colour.”

This one’s pretty bad too…

And this one…


White finishes with an opinion that I can’t help (at least half) agree with:

“I think tattoos are a bad idea, whether you’re a fighter or not,” White says. “But man, fighters got some bad taste in tattoos.”

Whatever you think of the divisive UFC president, this video is actually pretty awesome. Check it out and see how many you can get right. Also, what other shocking ink have you seen UFC fighters sporting? Let us know in the comments!