Conor McGregor Pisses Off Scotland Crowd, Gets Drink Thrown At His Face

UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor may be the biggest name in MMA but that doesn’t mean he can get away with anything. That’s especially true when it comes to football rivalries and double-specially (I looked ‘double-specially’ up and it’s almost a word) when we’re talking about football rivalries in Glasgow…

Since his mammoth payday from fighting Floyd Mayweather, the Irishman has been partying pretty fu*king hard: there have been pics and clips of McGregor at some of the top clubs and holiday destinations in Europe.

On each occasion, he’s been in various states of drunkenness and the scene around him has looked chaotic, to say the least. In fact, he even got close to belting someone in a club recently but luckily thought better of it.

Following his recent Q&A with combat sports fans in Glasgow, a p*ssed-up McGregor began to lead the crowd in a pro-Celtic (and anti-Rangers) chant.

Still, most Rangers fans would have seen it as nothing more than a mouthy Irishman who’s famous for taking the p*ss, taking the p*ss. Not everyone, though: one fella clearly took offence to the slight and retaliated by launching a drink at McGregor’s head.

The video cuts off just after the pint was thrown so we have no way of telling what happened next buy my guess is that it wasn’t pretty.

Some background here for those not in the know: Glasgow has two main football clubs – Celtic and Rangers – and they are massive rivals. This isn’t your average sporting rivalry, however: this thing goes all the way back to 1888 and is absolutely embedded in Scottish culture.

A general view of the segregation between Rangers and Celtic fans in the stands at Celtic Park

The division between the clubs supporters also has a lot to do with religion (Celtic are predominantly Catholic while Rangers are mainly Protestant), Northern Ireland-related politics (Rangers are predominantly Loyalist while Celtic are predominantly Republican), national identity (British or Irish Scots), and political ideology (Rangers Conservatism vs Celtic Socialism).

Fans have to be kept apart by police

Over the years, Rangers and Celtic have played each other 409 times in major competitions and their head-to-head record is incredibly close: Rangers have won 159 matches, Celtic have won 152 matches and 98 have ended in a draw.

They both have huge fan bases around Glasgow but also supporters clubs in most towns throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and in many cities around the world. Make fun of either and there’s bound to be trouble…

Rangers fans with a police escort while playing away at Celtic Park