NO CHILL!!! 50 Cent Responds To Conor McGregor Calling Him A B!TCH At NYC Press Conference

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor seems to be adding names to his list of enemies by the truckload. In the past week he’s managed to get into a tangle with Floyd Mayweather Senior, called out Rob Kardashian for having a “stripper on his payroll” and now McGregor has added rapper 50 Cent to the list of people he’s made angry in the lead up to his bout with boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather Junior.

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Standing in front of a packed out Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York, McGregor ripped into Mayweather before turning his attention to 50 Cent, who two days ago posted a video of McGregor to his Instagram account.

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“You’re forty years of age,” cried McGregor. “What’re you doing with a school bag on stage, you can’t even read!”
The caption for 50 Cent’s post read: “he shouldn’t have said that. I can get away with that, but Champ gonna kill him for saying that. LOL OH SH*T!!!”

It took forever for the press conference to eventually kick off, with some fans speculating it was a case of seeing which athlete could arrive later than the other. McGregor entered the arena first, wearing a fur coat “made of polar bear” pelt apparently. Instead of rocking in wearing his traditional three-piece suit and tie, McGregor rolled in without a shirt on, wearing only the fur coat with a giant snake emblazoned across the back, pants and leather shoes.


McGregor, who seems to have the memory of an elephant and rarely forgets a thing took to blasting 50 Cent on stage while he was at the Barclays Centre, and 50 Cent again took to Instagram to respond. “what the f*ck wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool. LOL ” reads the caption.

👀what the fuck wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool. LOL

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Things only got more heated from there:

Little leprechaun Vs. KANAN July 16 Sunday 9Pm POWER Episode 4. Ain't no tapping out over here LOL

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While the press conference at the Barclays Centre may have been the weaker of McGregor’s three showings thus far, fans are confident he will make a resurgence when the two athletes touch down in London tomorrow for the final press conference of their mini world tour at the famous Wembley Arena.

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Check out McGregor’s quick call out of 50 Cent on the player below, and let us know what you thought of the presser! Will McGregor get the better of Mayweather tomorrow, or will we see the fighters go 2-2? Let us know in the comments!