Video Of Woman PUMMELLING Racist Who Attacked Her Goes Viral

Goddamn, she let that fist of justice fly!

South Florida resident Colleen Dagg has become an internet sensation after this video of her beating the sh*t out of a racist woman who threatened and attacked her went viral.

39-year-old Summer Cortts made a bunch of mistakes that resulted in her getting her arse whooped: 1) She said a bunch of racist sh*t to Dagg, who has mixed race children, 2) she threatened Dagg, telling her “I’m gonna fu*king shoot you in your fu*king face,” and 3) she got up in Daggs grill and grabbed her by the throat.

These were some costly errors in judgement and Dagg responded quickly and brutally, grabbing Cortts by the hair with one hand and reigning a flurry of punches down with the other. Ironically, it was actually a couple of black dudes that stepped in and saved Cortts from any further punishment.

Afterwards, Cortts claimed that she would have Dagg arrested for assault but that fell flat after the dude with the camera said that he had filmed the entire altercation.

Dagg was given the option of filing battery charges but declined to do so, probably because she figured that justice had already been administered.

‘Justice has been served!’

The video was originally posted to Facebook with the following caption:

“Ok so [the] lady in the blue sundress said something super racist about how ‘you know these Haitians’ and sis in the grey was not having it. She then lied to the police and said the other girl started it when everything was caught on video.”

In no time at all, it went viral and Dagg took to Twitter account to explain why she did what she did.

“This is a young country built on racism. Black people have been disenfranchised for over 250 years. The faster white people accept and validate the truth, the closer we’ll come to a place of peace and understanding. Fighting racism is dependent upon using my white privilege for the right reasons.

There were 2 examples of white privilege in the video. The woman in the blue dress tried to use her white privilege on me, the fact that I’m white too must have slipped her mind. If you see it, say something. It’s really that simple. Disclaimer; some people can’t handle the truth. Stay ready.”

Dagg’s Twitter profile

Racism has got to be the worst ‘ism’ going around and it’s our duty, as decent human beings, to fight it wherever we see it. As a combat sports website, we are lucky to have fans from all over the world who come together to watch people get kicked in their fu*king heads. Headkicks don’t discriminate and neither should people.

Bloody hell, that turned into something resembling Jerry Springer’s Final Thought! Enjoy the fight, you savages!

‘Look after yourselves and each other’


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