Tough guy learns harsh lesson outside strip club: “I think he’s dead, bro!”

Footage of a savage brawl outside the Wonderland Gentleman’s Lounge nightclub in Providence, Rhode Island, has gone viral after one of the dudes involved in the melee was sent to the shadow realm.

It’s unclear what started the fight but by the time the camera’s rolling, two groups of young men are at each other’s throats.

A skinny dude can be seen continuously feinting strikes at a fella that must be literally twice his weight. Inexplicably, he actually tries to whack the big lad with his sweatshirt, like some kind of child.

Everyone’s a tough guy before hands are thrown…

His mate – the only guy who decided to go topless – kicks things off for realsies with an attempted cheap shot on the hefty lad. His first shot misses, as do his follow-ups, and Ole Hefty catches him with a fist to the jaw that buckles his legs.

After that, it’s all on with punches coming from all angles. Skinnyman’s crew seem to lack any fighting skills whatsoever, and another of them takes a big shot to the dome and goes down.

But it’s the guy with braids and a white t-shirt who cops it the worst: while throwing wild fists like he’s fighting three invisible ghosts, the hapless striker gets destroyed by a huge left.


He is instantly knocked out and cracks his head on the pavement for good measure but that doesn’t stop Ole Hefty from repeatedly stomping on his face.

The stomps were a bit much, IMO

A stunned onlooker can be heard screaming “Oh, sh*t! Oh, sh*t! Oh, sh*t! Oh, that n*gga’s dead!”

‘You guys wanna see a dead body?’

From that point, the scrap peters out (mainly because Skinnyman’s squad got their arses handed to them) but before he makes his escape into the night, Ole Hefty gives the prone lad a quick pocket check for good measure.

Providence Police Major David Lapatin said on Wednesday that the man – later identified as 23-year-old Keo Vathna – has recovered after a few nights in hospital.

Amazingly, he suffered no broken bones or permanent damage from the arse-kicking he received and has told detectives that he’s unwilling to press charges against the assailant.

“There’s nobody to testify,” Lapatin explained. “He’ll go up and say, ‘I don’t have a complaint,’ or he won’t show up [to court].”

Vathna was probably following the old adage: ‘Snitches get stitches’. Still, from the looks of things, this poor, useless fu*ker got himself some stitches, regardless. This is brutal!


Sorry, the video you have requested is no longer available