WATCH: Joe ‘Hulk’ Joyce and Patrick ‘Bigfoot’ Nevin Fight In Carpark For £60,000 Prize

How much money would you stump up to settle a family dispute? Two travellers nicknamed “Hulk” and “Bigfoot” took each other for over 40 minutes in a secret location in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in order to defend their families.

The two men’s families had been at war with one another, and each family put forward £30,000 as prize money.

Photo: Deadline

The two men took each other on in a dingy and abandoned car park to put the argument, which spans a year or so in length, to bed. Joe Joyce, better known as “Hulk” stepped up to take on Patrick Nevin, or “Bigfoot”, in a bout that would see both men walking away covered in bloody cuts, welts and bruises.

It took Joyce, who looks absolutely terrifying, over 40 minutes to finish his opponent, who tapped out after taking an insane amount of punishment. The video was uploaded to YouTube originally, with the caption “Joe Joyce vs Patrick Nevin. Gypsy Bare Knuckle Fight BKB Boxing,” collecting over 70,000 views so far.

Photo: Deadline

Joyce, in the blue shorts, and Nevin in the black and yellow shorts, go back and forth, but it’s Joyce who seems to have all the power. Nevin eventually ends up with an absolutely disgusting cut along his nose, as well as multiple bruises and welts around his eyes as the shots continue to land.

The thuds just keep on coming, with the referees attempting to get the men to shake hands and call it a day multiple times, but the two men just keep on fighting. Eventually, Joyce is able to clinch up with Nevin and lands a series of hard shots to his head, the sounds of which are absolutely sickening. Nevin soon gives up, with Joyce taking home the £60,000 and the honour of having solved the family feud.
The video ends with Joyce raising his hands in celebration and playing to the camera, all the while covered in Patrick Nevin’s blood.

Photo: Deadline

The original poster of the video Videos said:
“This fight was a feud which started from an argument in a pub, you can find several replies made to each other dating 12 months back.

“Patrick Nevin requested 12 months training for this fight, this is something that has never happened before.

“Joe finally accepted and the fight took place 13 months after the initial argument.

Photo: Deadline

“The fight went on for 41 minutes and it was brutal. Patrick Nevin was badly hurt and finally gave in and admitted defeat so under technical knockout Joe won his fight.

“The both shook hands after the fight and settled their arguments.”

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think!

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