A P*ssed Off Shevchenko Goes On Angry Rant After Split Decision Loss To Nunes

In case you missed UFC 215, it was a thoroughly entertaining event: we had a bit of everything – close contests, huge knockouts, amazing submissions, and hockey chants.

However, the one bout that didn’t live up to fans expectations was the main event: Nunes and Shevchenko fought extremely tactically and although their striking was highly skilled, both appeared cagey of each other – Shevchenko was clearly worried about Nunes’ power while Nunes feared Shevchenko’s incredible counter-striking ability.

What resulted was something of a stalemate. Going into fifth, it seemed to be locked up at two rounds apiece but the Brazilian managed to secure two takedowns and that seemed to tip the balance in her favour.

One judge disagreed but Nunes still got the split decision victory over her rival which ensured she held onto her bantamweight belt.

The agony and the ecstasy

Having come so close and in her eyes, doing enough to have secured the victory, it’s understandable that Shevchenko was disappointed but when Joe Rogan interviewed her after the announcement was made, ‘Bullet’ gave it both barrels.

“I really don’t understand why the victory goes to the other side,” she said. “For two takedowns in five rounds? She didn’t hit me with one punch. Nothing significant. Look at her face. Her nose is red from my punches. Why she is ‘and still’ [champion]? I don’t understand. Even when I was on the ground, I hit very hard from the ground position and I really don’t understand why [Nunes won].”

She still hadn’t calmed down by the time the post-fight press conference rolled around…

“MMA is not only [about] who gives pressure,” Shevchenko said. “It’s a very tactical fight. I don’t know why they took this decision but I can say my punches were more effective than hers. We can see videotape and see who was landing more.”

Shevchenko landed some shots but not enough to sway the judges

Nunes’ fifth round takedowns proved crucial in the end

‘Never leave it in the hands of the judges’ is an old cliche in MMA but it holds up, especially when challenging for a title. Hopefully, we get to see these two fight again one day and when we do, they both decide to let their hands go a little more.