8 Yrs Ago Today Anderson Silva Entered The MATRIX And SHOOK The World

On this day, eight years ago, one of the greatest displays in the history of mixed martial arts took place at UFC 101 when Anderson Silva dismantled Forrest Griffin in front of a stunned audience in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It remains the closest thing to The Matrix that we’ve ever seen inside the Octagon. Silva put on an incredible display of head movement and lightning fast reflexes that culminated in the stunning knockout of The Ultimate Fighter 1 winner Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.

Silva was the middleweight champ at the time but after running through all available challengers, he moved up to light heavyweight to fight Griffin.

The Brazilian was on the cusp of becoming a big-time draw for the promotion and his fight with Griffin propelled him into superstardom, because he didn’t just beat a highly rated ex-champion, he absolutely destroyed him in the first round of their fight.

Griffin was the bigger man and utilised an aggressive, pressuring style that many thought to be a real test for Silva but it proved to be the opposite.

Every time Griffin charged forward, he played right into the Brazilian’s hands: the counter-striking genius kept his hands at his sides, slipped and dodged every strike attempt, and as soon as Griffin got close Silva would fire off a perfectly-timed counter, knocking a bemused Griffin to the ground three times in total.

King of the counter

Griffin’s grit and determination kept him in the fight for longer than most people would have lasted but after copping a third knockdown in just over three minutes of action, it was clear to all that he was done and the referee saved him any further punishment.

This fight won the “Beatdown of the Year” award by Sherdog. If you’re a newer fight fan who hasn’t seen it before, sit back, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re an old schooler, take a trip down memory lane to the day that Anderson became Neo.

‘What the fu*k just happened?!’