World’s Strongest Man Flattens His Own Chest With 360lb Boulder

Some people see a boulder weighing in at over 200 kilograms and think “Nope, I’ll go get a tractor to pick that thing up”.

Other people, like the guy you’re about to witness think “Oh man, I can’t wait to lift that object that weighs the same as a motorcycle out of my way!”

Seriously, being in shape is good and all, but strongman challenges are absolutely next level as far as human potential goes.

Canadian weightlifter Craig Bongelli was competing in the Bavarian Strongman Challenge in Kitchener, Ontario when he almost managed to kill himself with the weight he was lifting. The twenty-two-year-old was so close to completing the Atlas Stone challenge, which involves lifting a 360 pound, or 210-kilogram boulder up onto a podium.

Photo: YouTube

Unfortunately for Bongelli, his lifting form wasn’t quite up to par, leaving him trying to shuck the ball up onto its podium from an extremely uncomfortable angle that looked well out of reach. Hoisting the ball forward, the young weightlifter pushed upward with all his might, to the point where he suddenly passed out.

Photo: YouTube

The insanely massive rock fell straight down as his legs buckled at an awful angle beneath him, the boulder crashing down onto his chest, pinning him flat to the ground with a thud. Incredibly, the man wasn’t injured too badly, being released from the hospital only two hours after the incident and walking away with no serious injuries to speak of.

Photo: Strongman

The Bavarian Strongman Challenge of Kitchener involves some pretty hardcore challenges, including the kal tire, involving a head to head tire flip of 825 lbs, log press of 275 lbs with clean and press from ground each rep; the super yolk of 900 lbs, a farmer’s walk of 275-300 lbs per hand, and finally the Atlas Stone pentagon with ascending boulder weights of 250, 275, 300, 330 and 360 lbs.

Photo: Strongman

Bongelli was just ONE boulder away from completing the challenge when the world literally seemed to come tumbling down on him and nearly cost him his life. It’s mind-blowing to think that the guy was able to walk away just a few hours later considering how much for the boulder would have sent through his chest.

Check out the gnarly footage in the player below and let us know what you think!

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