WATCH: Video Gamer Illegally Streams UFC 218 Pretending to Play EA’s UFC 3

One wily streaming gamer has pulled out all the stops to ensure that his viewers got the full UFC 218 experience.

AJ Lester, a gamer who uses the services of Twitch and LiveRaise to stream himself playing video games managed to steal the entirety of UFC 218 and broadcast it to his thousands of subscribers. You might call him an absolute legend, or an idiot, depending on your ethics.

Photo: Twitter

The main event where UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway defended his title for the first time against former two time featherweight king Jose Aldo had over 8000 viewers during the third round. Running the numbers on that, if 8000 users paid $59.95 for the UFC 218 pay-per-view, the UFC would have raked in a massive $479,600!

Photo: Twitter

Insane, right? To make things even funnier, Lester made sure to have a video game controller in hand, as well as gaming headset over his ears, and was constantly pressing buttons and bobbing and weaving, trying to look as though he was playing the most life-like version of EA Sport’s UFC ever seen.

Photo: MMAFighting

Some of the clips on Lester’s channel even show him sitting there without a controller in hand. He even seems like he fell asleep at one point! Lester, unfortunately, has chosen to remove most of the footage from his streaming profiles, no doubt because of how serious the consequences for streaming the pay-per-view event could be for him. It doesn’t seem like he’s been called out by the UFC or their owner, WME|IMG regarding the offence yet, and we’re hoping nothing comes of it because it was so damned funny to watch!

Photo: EA

Lester streamed the fight card under the title “UFC 3”, which coincidentally was entering its beta access phase over the weekend ahead of its early 2018 release date. Unfortunately for viewers of Lester’s stream, the graphic will hardly be as life-like, though we expect there to be plenty of heavy hitting fights nonetheless.

Check out the short clip of AJ Lester pretending to be playing UFC 3 and streaming UFC 218 illegally instead on the player below and let us know what you think!