NHL Player Steve Sullivan’s Perfect Revenge Against Fan

Sometimes something happens in a sporting event that defies logic and almost makes you believe in the mythical ‘Sporting Gods’. This story definitely falls into that category…

Back in 2001, NHL winger, Steve Sullivan copped a stick to the face while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks against the Colorado Avalanche. The last thing he needed was a loudmouth Avalanche fan, literally adding insult to the injury he just suffered by giving him lip from behind the glass.

Well, in an incredible turn of events, the sporting gods smiled upon Sullivan that day. Listen to the man himself explain what happened…

“We were playing against Colorado and I think it was Alex Tanguay [who] turned around and tried to ice the puck in a powerplay and clipped me with a high stick. I was slowly going to the bench with my trainer and a [Colarado] fan who was sitting behind the glass started to heckle me and just started calling me some names that I really can’t say on TV.”

So far, no divine intervention. But then this happened…

“And luck be it that Patrick Roy [the Colorado goalkeeper] got the puck behind the net and threw it over the glass and it clipped the same fan right in the forehead and he started bleeding, probably worse than I was! And Tony Amonte [his teammate] yelled at me on the ice that it was the same fan so I just took it upon myself to go back and tell him a few words of my own. And I think his girlfriend thought it was pretty funny, also.”

Steve Sullivan was an NHL journeyman playing more than 1,000 games and representing 6 different teams in a career spanning 19 years. He is still involved in the sport today as the Coyotes’ development coach. But in all the years he has been involved in the sport, this is easily the craziest thing that ever happened to him on the ice.


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