WATCH: UFC Lightweights Thrown Out of Press Conference After ‘Mum’ Insult

Today the UFC used it’s biggest event of the year to stage a press conference in Dallas. The press conference had many top fighters attending, including Amanda Nunes, Holly Holm, Chris Weidman, Jon Jones and the Light Heavyweight Champ, Daniel Cormier.

Most of the media were focused on the returning Jones, and his main event match up against Daniel Cormier. Jones and Cormier were doing most of the trash talking, with the home crowd seemingly favouring Daniel Cormier.

One match up that was considered more low key for the day, was top UFC Lightweight contenders Michael Chiesa (#7) and Kevin Lee (#12). Both fighters are highly touted and have been on impressive streaks, with Chiesa winning his last 3 against some impressive opponents, and Lee with 4 straight victories.

The two are set to face off on June 25 at UFC Fight Night, with Chiesa installed as the favourite. Kevin Lee however has been known to let his words run wild on the mic, especially after his win at UFC Belfast, pretty much offending the entire country of Ireland, when referencing McGregor sitting ringside:

“I actually didn’t know that. Was he here? Oh damn, I would have jumped the cage. He was here, he had to be front row, huh? All Irish guys look alike. I wish I would have known. Somebody could have told me. They all just red beards and bald heads to me.”

He even made some bold predictions on himself and McGregor:

“He’s the champion of this division now. I said it a while ago I’ll be the champ. He’s 28, I’m 24. He ain’t got nothing but some years on me. I’ve got the skill.”

“I think after his last fight he said you’ve got have some height, some reach, some weight. I’m 195 lbs outside of fighting, 77 inch reach, 5 ft 10, a hell of a wrestler. This fight was about showcasing that I’m the best wrestler in this division.”

Lee may not yet be able to compete against McGregor in the octagon, but he definitely trying to match his trash talking, as today it caused future opponent Michael Chiesa to completely lose his sh*t and cause complete chaos on the UFC stage. The below exchange happened between the two:

“He’s gonna headline because of me,” Lee said. “After that, he’s going back to the prelims. But I just hope he shows up, because I know his momma’s got tickets.”

Chiesa responded: “Don’t you ever talk about my f*cking mum. … I’m gonna smack the f*ck out of your right now, don’t you ever talk about my mom.”

Moments later the two were aiming for eachothers heads with bare fists clenched, only stopped by the scrambling UFC security before any real damage could be done.

Lee tweeted after the incident, as the modern day fighter does:

You can watch the full exchange and melee on the player below:

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