McGregor Claims Mayweather Got Ripped Off, Rematch Allegedly Being Rescheduled

UFC lightweight champion turned one-time professional boxer Conor McGregor has declared that Floyd “Money” Mayweather may need to step back into the ring, despite retiring, after allegedly being “ripped off” by Showtime.

The two men faced off on August 26th of 2017 in what was one of the most highly anticipated bouts in recent memory.

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The Irish mixed martial artist opened up strongly in the first few rounds, attempting to land heavy punches on Mayweather who for the most part was able to get out of the way of McGregor’s power shots and wicked left hook.

The later rounds would see McGregor begin to fade, with Mayweather stomping his foot on the gas and beginning to outwork the fledgeling boxer. McGregor would become overwhelmed in the tenth round and be TKO’d along the ropes after the referee deemed he was no longer able to defend himself effectively.

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“I think Floyd needs to fight again because he got ripped. He got ripped,” McGregor said, laughing in an interview with TMZ Sports. “He’s the heaviest rip in the game.”

McGregor and UFC president Dana White have claimed that the recorded numbers given by Showtime and its executive Stephen Espinoza were false, with McGregor believing that Mayweather has had the wool pulled over his eyes by the broadcaster.

“Why do you think Espinoza was saying these Pay-Per-View numbers?” McGregor asked.

“They don’t gotta pay him.”

It has now surfaced on an episode of the Mayweather Boxing Show podcast that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Gennady “GGG” Golovkin II has not been announced as White and Mayweather have attempted to secure a venue for their own joint venture.

“Dana White and Floyd Mayweather are coming together on May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, they’re gonna get the T-Mobile Arena [in Las Vegas] and they’re going to do some type of joint venture. Boxing, maybe Boxing-MMA, maybe MMA, I don’t know,” said a pundit on the podcast earlier this week. Could Mayweather even be looking at a contract with the UFC?

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“Floyd stepping in the octagon, they’d feed him three, four guys then on the final time they’d get his ass killed,” said Jeff Mayweather. “That’s the only way that they can still have their integrity because this is the one guy who basically played with their [the UFC’s] top guy when he came into [boxing], so now it’s like ‘Now it’s your turn.’”

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Could this mean a rematch between the two men who put on one of the highest selling pay-per-views of all time could be about to be announced, possibly in the cage this time around?

Check out the video of McGregor’s interview below and let us know what you think!