All Hell Breaks Loose In Nascar Pit Stop Lane

American stock car driver Kyle Busch has gotten himself into a spot of bother over the weekend, brawling with fellow driver Joey “Sliced Bread” Logano, famous for being the second youngest winner of the Daytona 500.

Furious at Logano’s antics during the race that seemed to be aimed at ending Busch’s chances at winning, Busch angrily marched toward Logano near the pit at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, hands balled into fists in preparation.

Busch had moved ahead of racer Keselowski after his car began to malfunction, and was soon in Logano’s line. Logano didn’t give Busch an inch as the two were neck and neck in the final lap. Busch began to squeeze ahead and the Logano’s car made contact with his, leading to Busch spinning out into the pit road. While he may not have crashed and burned, Busch certainly felt the sting of the situation when he finished 22nd in the race.

The two drivers scuffled when they came face to face, and Busch was left with a jagged and bloody cut along his forehead.

“Not a lot of talking,” said Joey Logano. “Just a lot of swinging. We usually don’t have any issues.”

Did any of those furious strikes land on the fresh face of Logano?

“None to me,” he said, beaming broadly.

If you watch the video closely, it seems that Busch’s first right hand as he approaches Logano lands squarely on his jaw. Whistles are blown and soon Logano and Busch are covered in a sea of NASCAR officials and pit crew members.

Busch had to literally be dragged away from Logano by NASCAR officials who are certainly seasoned at breaking up fights in the pits.

“I got dumped,” fumed Busch after the bust up. “(Logano) flat-out drove straight into the corner and wrecked me.

“That’s how Joey races, so he’s going to get it.”

Check out the video of the in-pit scuffle below and let us know what you think!