Shocking Footage Shows ISIS Fighter Thrown Off Cliff and Shot By Iraqi Soldiers

It looks like the Iraqi army is going to be in a bit of hot water in the next few days after some absolutely shocking video was released that appears to show Iraqi army soldier throwing an unarmed ISIS militia member off of a cliff, before riddling him with bullets.

The government of Iraq is said to be investigating the incident. The video was originally posted on the blog called “The Mosul Eye”, who have previously released images of the violence currently enveloping Iraq and the Middle East.

The video shows footage of the soldiers murdering the suspected Islamic State fighters that have been captured in Mosul by throwing them from cliffs to lay down next to other dead suspected ISIS militia members.

Photo: Twitter

A spokesperson for the interior ministry has confirmed that if the video is found to be real then those responsible for the deaths will be brought to justice and punished accordingly.

The prime minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, declared the Iraqi victory over ISIS this week on Monday after an extended nine-month long engagement had left huge spaces across Iraq in disrepair and ruin.

Photo: Twitter

If you struggle with videos like this, I’ll warn you now, it involves a bloke being thrown off the side of a cliff, landing horizontally with a smash and soon after being riddled with bullets by the Iraqi army soldiers. I will be very surprised if it comes out that these videos are somehow fake because it doesn’t look fake at all.

Photo: Twitter

The senior Iraqi researcher at the Human Rights Watch, Belkis Wille, told the BBC:

“In the final weeks of the battle for west Mosul, the pervasive attitude that I have observed among armed forces has been of momentum, the desire to get the battle wrapped up as quickly as possible, and a collapse of adherences to the laws of war.”

Photo: Twitter

Apparently, the Human Rights Watch have independently verified the site the video was filmed at through the use of satellite imagery and has said there are three more videos out there that show abuse at the hands of the Iraqi army soldiers.

Check out the video below, if you’re up to it, and let us know what you think: