WATCH: Guy Throws The Most Embarrassing Punch Of All Time

Seeing someone getting embarrassed after they’ve been acting like a complete goofball has got to be one of the most satisfying things ever.

Pair that with the fact that there are few things worse than getting embarrassed in front of your friends and family and you’ve got a pretty damn sad situation. Getting completely outclassed and THEN embarrassed? That’s a whole other type of kick to the teeth, knee to the cajones, punch to the stomach type of situation.

The video you’re about to see involves two men at a house party getting into a brief punch-up. The man in blue has apparently been giving the guy in red a pretty hard time since he got there, and when it all comes to a head he ends up coming out a lot worse for wear.

Ever heard the term “getting the stuffing beaten out of you” or “getting the snot beaten out of you”? This guy is the literal embodiment of “getting the snot beaten out of you.” After standing up in front of his victim and trying to intimidate him by pointing at him, waving his hands and raising his voice, the man in the blue shirt says “Come on, hit me” to the man in the red.

The man in the red shirt responds that “No, I’m not going to hit you,” looking extremely uncomfortable and annoyed by the situation. The man in blue throws a terrible right hand to the red-shirted man’s stomach and is immediately knocked across the kitchen by a lightning fast right hand to the jaw.

“Don’t touch me dude!” shouts the man in the red shirt as his attacker picks himself up off of the floor, with a huge booger trailing out of his nose. He literally just got the snot knocked out of him, and looks completely and utterly pathetic as he tries to recover.

Check out the footage in the player below and let us know what you think: