WATCH: Footage Finally Emerges of Cody Garbrandt Choking TJ Dillashaw

The UFC’s reality series “The Ultimate Fighter” seems to have had a steady decline in viewership over the years, but sometimes it only takes one solid storyline and rivalry to kick the hype train back into the gear.

Teaser footage emerged back in March showing UFC bantamweight champion choking his former Team Alpha Male teammate TJ Dillashaw on the set of the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male back in 2015 in order to train with Elevation Fight Team, with rumors abounding that the split was an ugly one.

The UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor called Dillashaw a “snake in the grass” when they met each other on the set of The Ultimate Fighter: McGregor vs Faber, and the name stuck. For fans and competitors alike, Dillashaw became a snake. Garbrandt remained loyal to Team Alpha Male, and was outspoken about his former teammate, dubbing him a “cancer” on the team. Garbrandt even went as far to claim that he has footage of himself knocking Dillashaw out during training at the Team Alpha Male gym.

Now explosive new footage has dropped, showing more of the confrontation between Dillashaw and Garbrandt.

As two cast members, Gilbert and Seth go through their weight cuts to get ready to fight each other, there is a drama in the hallway on the set. Words are exchanged between the two fighters, and soon Garbrandt steps up to defend his fighter.

“You’re fake as f*ck, you know you are,” says Garbrandt as he stands close to Dillashaw.
“He stepped toward me, in my bubble,” recalls the champion. “Got in my personal space, I latched him up like an eagle. An eagle latched up a snake, right on his throat.”

“He called me fake, then attacked me,” said Dillashaw, looking exasperated. “I think it all bleeds down to just insecurity. Cody’s not very smart, he doesn’t have anything that he can say that is witty. He feels like he needs to create drama to be important.’

“He’s shook. He’s scared. He’s the one who invited that fight and he got what he got,” says Garbrandt.

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