Floyd Mayweather Skypes Nate Diaz

Floyd Mayweather has begun to counter-punch Conor McGregor in the pairs ever-escalating war of words, this time calling up the lightweight champion’s arch-rival Nate Diaz for a bit of trash talk.

Speaking in a live Instagram video, Mayweather awkwardly chatted with the only man to beat McGregor inside the Octagon.

“Nate Diaz, yo, I got you live. You gotta talk to the fans,” Mayweather said.

Money managed to instantly get the Stockton native on side, telling Diaz “I thought you won that second fight too!” Diaz laughs in agreement, his head bobbing around against a black backdrop like it’s floating in space.

At one point in the video, Mayweather said to Diaz that he has the support of The Money Team.

“I’m about to take that TMT [The Money Team] to the next level, gotta put something on your trunks…we gonna show you love, we gonna support you too” before moving on to trash talking McGregor.

“Hey, Nate, tell me what I gotta do,” Mayweather asks in the video. “Do I gotta? That boy is…aw, man. I see what you did to him, now. I’m gonna put the finishing touches on him!”

This latest video comes hot on the heels of another clip that Mayweather recently posted in which he claimed he was going to “slap the sh*t out of McGregor.”

“I don’t give a fu*k what night it was, I ain’t never taking no L. I’m fu*king McGregor up too. Punk-ass McGregor…I’m gonna slap McGregor. I’m gonna slap the sh*t out of McGregor when I see him.”

It’s understandable why Conor McGregor would want to keep alive talk of a mega-fight with Mayweather; even if nothing ever comes of it, it raises his profile and does his reputation no harm.

But why would Mayweather bother taking the bait and getting involved if he wasn’t seriously considering trying to shut the Irishman up once and for all? Maybe he actually does want to get that 50th professional victory before retiring from the sport…


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