Conor McGregor To Be Stripped Of The Lightweight Title

When UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson tweeted that he was going back to work, fans and pundits alike began to speculate as to whether he would be welcoming UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, back to the octagon sometime early this year.

Ferguson and top contender Khabib Nurmagomedov have been going back and forth for some time as to who would be the first man to get a shot at McGregor, given that they both have made strong statements inside the cage to warrant a chance at facing the champion.

Photo: USAT

Adam Zubayraev, a Russian sports journalist, announced earlier today that Nurmagomedov would be fighting Ferguson on the April 7th card in New York.

UFC president Dana White had previously announced that McGregor would be stripped of his lightweight strap if he did not defend the title by the end of March. Could this mean a fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson would be for the real lightweight title?

Mike Bohn, a sports journalist for USA Today and MMAJunkie later reported that McGregor had told White that it was likely he would not fight until September and that if this was the case then the UFC would definitely strip McGregor of his title.

Speaking on the UFC on Fox Sports show, White was asked what was going to happen between Nurmagomedov, Ferguson and McGregor.

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“There’s no doubt that Khabib is the guy to fight, but let’s remember, Khabib didn’t make weight in his last fight with Tony Ferguson, which really, you know, really blew things up and really screwed it all up. He came back, he looked amazing, he made weight easily, he was on weight the week of the fight.

“Conor has said he’s thinking about coming back in September. If he comes back in September, that’s almost two years [since he won the title]. That can’t happen. It’s not fair to everybody else.

“Love Conor, respect Conor, love everything that he’s done for this company. Everybody knows that I say it all the time but the belt would have to move on.”

Photo: UFC

“If and when Conor comes back, he would get the first crack at the title.”

How do you feel about this course of action, considering McGregor hasn’t defended his belt ever since winning it back in November of 2016? Watch the full interview in the player and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!