Cub Swanson And Doo Ho Choi Deliver Red Hot Contender For Fight Of The Year

The term ‘fight of the year’ gets bandied about frequently whenever a half-decent scrap takes place. Indeed, we’ve been guilty of using that label after getting a little over-hyped in the aftermath of a war (Bisping vs Hendo 2 is a pretty good example), but it’s not hyperbole to state that Cub Swanson vs Doo Ho Choi is a red hot contender for the fight of the year.

The wily veteran Swanson and the super skilled Choi threw down for three incredible rounds of action. Both men could have won by knockout but, amazingly, both were still standing when the final bell rang.

The crowd went ballistic, cheering for both warriors before the judges’ scorecards were read out. They scored it 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 in Swanson’s favour but, as commentator Joe Rogan stated afterwards, no one really lost that fight.

Speaking in the aftermath of this epic showdown, Rogan emphatically stated, “That was one of the best fights that I’ve ever seen in my life!”

It’s a sign of how good the bout was that both fighters were cheered by the capacity crowd when they spoke with Rogan afterwards. He asked Choi why he’d called out Swanson, specifically, and the South Korean native’s answer shows just what kind of character he has.

“This may sound a little silly but my corner man and myself, we’re both big fans of Cub Swanson. Apart from the rankings, I really really wanted to fight this guy” Choi replied. Some fighters would shy away from a battle with someone they are a fan of. Choi ran towards it.

He stated that after feeling the sting of defeat for the first time since 2010 and just the second time in his professional career, Choi plans to train even harder and come back stronger. Now, that’s something to look forward to!

As for Swanson, this incredible performance has put the veteran right back in the mix of featherweight contenders. He will have to wait until Max Holloway and Jose Aldo square off but must surely be next in line for a shot at the crown. And whoever he ends up fighting, it’s already guaranteed to be an absolute classic!