Heavyweight Slugfest Ends With Devastating Walk Off Knockout

Rashad Coulter walked into the octagon today at UFC 211 at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas today, taking on the hard task of beating Chase Sherman, a heavyweight gifted with incredible knockout power.

As the hometown favourite, Coulter walked out to a decent amount of applause, but it would be the resilience and determination he showed later in the cage that would earn him and his opponent a standing ovation from the crowd in the arena. This is the epitome of a “JUST BLEED” fight.

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Sherman started off the fight absolutely hammering away at the lead leg of Rashad Coulter as if he were Jean-Claude Van Damme chopping down a stalk of bamboo in Thailand. Coulter was forced to overextend on his punches, again and again, leaving himself open to counter punches that left him staggered, dazed and limping to the point where Coulter almost fell down several times.

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Round two saw Coulter landing a heavy right to Sherman’s exposed chin, but again eating several heavy leg kicks.

Coulter staggered around, getting absolutely smashed by punches from Sherman as he hobbled along the fence like an old man. Soon Coulter was swinging huge, looping haymakers in an effort to connect with Sherman, eventually landing a bomb that rocked his opponent.

Trading shot for shot, the two men both looked like drunkards who had decided to brawl in the street after three straight days of drinking. Eventually, Sherman is able to shake Coulter off, turning him toward the cage and landing a MASSIVE elbow that sent the Dallas crowd wild, even while their hometown fighter lay in a crumpled mess along the cage fence.

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This fight was hands down one of the most exciting heavyweight bouts we’ve seen in a long while, complete with both competitors getting rocked, fists flying in every direction and a fantastic pace. The two fighters really did force the rest of the fighters on the UFC 211 card to follow up in dramatic fashion and deserved fight of the night bonuses for their efforts.

Coulter displayed incredible heart against heavy-set odds but ultimately was unable to finish the heavy hitter that was Chase Sherman.

Check out the absolutely incredible finish below and let us know what you think: