WATCH: Baseball Player Takes Pitch TO THE FACE

May 12, 2017; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris Iannetta is hit in the face by a pitch in the seventh inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Major league baseball player Chris Ianetta has copped an injury that is definitely going to see him taking some time off work. Most people rock up to their jobs and don’t have to worry about anything more than a paper-cut at their desk, tripping on a laptop charger cable or maybe falling down the crack between the platform and the train as they hobble their way through to work. This guy has definitely got a few things to worry about after his latest game of baseball, and will probably end up being used as a case full face masks in baseball going forward.

Photo: The Comeback

In a hell of a scary moment, the Arizona Diamondbacks catcher caught a fastball in his mouth, going 93 miles per hour. For those of you advanced enough to be using the metric system, that’s just shy of 150 KILOMETERS PER HOUR. This guy got smashed by a ball going faster than the legal speed limit on most roads in Australia, how insane is that?

At the bottom of the seventh innings, Iannetta was getting pitched at by Johnny Barbato of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Winding up to slug the ball sky high, Ianetta seemed to misjudge the ball speed, and instead, the ball nailed him square in the face. The poor guy tumbles to the ground as the commentators say “ooooh boy…” in disbelief and the crowd moans in horror.

Photo: Yahoo

“Anytime there’s head trauma, anytime a pitch hits you in that area, you are never comfortable until a diagnosis is made,” said Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo in an interview with Steve Gilbert from “So we’re using every precaution possible to make sure he’s okay.”

Photo: ABC

Ianetta did manage to get up and walk away like an absolute champion but was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated after blood came pouring out of his mouth, and apparently, his lip was cut by the hit it took. The slow motion footage of the hit is absolutely terrifying to watch, as you’ll soon see.

Check out the absolutely insane footage below, and try not to feel too much pain in your teeth!