Cocky Young MMA Fighter Spars A 60 Year Old Boxing Trainer

This is what happens when a cocky youth goes up against a grizzled and determined veteran.

In this video, a 60-year-old takes on a young pro in a sparring session. You can see that the youngster isn’t taking things too seriously beforehand, laughing towards the camera like it is some sort of joke.

The veteran doesn’t see the funny side, though, even though he wears a goddamn old-man-sweater for the duration of the contest.

Some quick instructions are given by a cornerman before a bell sounds and the contest begins.

The young pro dances about the place, skipping around the outskirts of the ring before attempting a jab that the veteran easily bobs out of the way of before closing the distance and throwing a couple of solid hooks.

He connects with a huge left that sends the youngin to the canvas. He gets right back up in an attempt to show that he’s not hurt but the old timer is on him straight away and leathers him with a couple more shots.

By this stage, the young pro is holding onto the ropes and swinging a meek arm in defence. The other members of the gym have to tell the old timer to back off as the fight is clearly over. The sparring session lasted all of 30 seconds.

The young dude is still laughing but now it’s more to do with the shock of what just happened rather than the fact that he was sparring with a dude who was old enough to be his grandad.

It’s unclear if the guys were making fun of the vet beforehand but by the way he was boxing, he certainly had a point to prove.

What do you guys reckon? Did the old timer go a bit hard for a training session or did it serve the young guy right for laughing beforehand and not taking his opponent seriously?