UFC Releases Footage Of Ronda’s Family Reacting To Brutal TKO

The UFC released new footage on Tuesday showing the reactions of the current Women’s Bantamweight queen Amanda Nunes, and the former Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey following Nunes’ stunning first round TKO of her opponent.

Nunes came into the fight confident that she could get the job done against Rousey, arguably the most famous mixed martial artist in the world, besides perhaps Conor McGregor.

It only took Nunes 48 seconds to finish the former champion in a display of utter carnage. Nunes pressured early, driving Rousey back with thunderous strikes that wobbled the Olympic Judo bronze medallist. Eventually Rousey was finished along the fence after eating a series of powerful shots.

Both fighter’s families and their corners were caught in the footage of the last few seconds of the fight in which Nunes sent Rousey home with her second straight loss via knockout.

So named “The Thrill and The Agony”, the footage shows Rousey’s mother and sister looking on in shock and disbelief as they see Herb Dean step in to stop the contest.

The camera then cuts to Edmund Tarverdyan, Rousey’s coach who has become infamous in recent months for an altercation post fight with former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, as well as being widely criticised for the quality of boxing and training instruction he has given to Rousey.

We hear Tarverdyan yelling “No!” before the camera cuts to show Amanda Nunes’ corner who are absolutely elated.

Rousey looks to be in shock as she stands along the cage fence, blood weeping slowly from her face. With a cry of joy, Amanda Nunes jump up and down and then raises her hands as UFC president Dana White wraps the belt around her waist.

“It’s over, done, for Ronda Rousey! Ronda Rousey is now gonna retire!” shouted Nunes, as she leaves the stadium.

“That was incredible!” cries NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin as he watches Nunes go by.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think!