Teacher BODYSLAMS Student into Desk During INSANE BRAWL

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a teacher completely lost it in the middle of a lesson and body slammed a student onto a desk.

It’s unclear what caused this violent altercation to erupt in the first place but by the time someone has their celly rolling, the scene is already intense.

Both teacher and student can be seen pushing each other but ole teach gets off the hardest shove which provokes the student, who then appears to throw a punch.

In return, teach grabs the young lad, flips him upside-down, and executes a perfect (but brutal) body slam onto a nearby desk.

The other students erupt as a chaotic scene unfolds before their very eyes and two male pupils quickly rush in to break up the brawl while both teacher and student continue to swing wildly.

One of the pupils holds back the teacher in an attempt to create barrier between him and the furious student, who continues to try and tag ole teach.

It was at this moment that the student knew he was fu*ked

Eventually, the pupils manage to separate the pair and take them to separate corners of the classroom.


But the teacher ain’t done; he tries to re-approach his adversary who is pinned against a wall by two of his peers, but out of nowhere, an absolutely massive student enters the frame and blocks his way.

Andre the Giant breaking things up

The video ends with the punchy pair being ushered to opposite sides of the room.

Footage was originally posted back in July of last year and has been steadily gaining traction until it recently hit some sort of critical mass and went viral.

The identities of student, teacher, and school still remain a mystery, as does the reason that this brawl broke out in the first place.

People have been quick to either outright condemn the teacher or jump to his defence but without all the facts, it’s just speculation.

In truth, the blame probably lies with both parties; the student was obviously acting up but a grown man should know better than to react like that.

What do you guys think? Was the teacher justified in his actions or was he completely over the top? Let us know in the comments!

Say what you like about his methods but this is pretty good technique!