Shocking Footage of Psycho with AR-15 Assault Rifle Ambushing Police

Disturbing footage has emerged that shows a man ambushing police officers and firing on them with an AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun as they responded to a 911 call.

The incident occurred last Friday night in Evansville, Indiana, at approximately 9:30 pm. A woman called 911 and told them “I’m pretty sure our neighbour shot a gun, and he just took off running.”

After responding to the call, police officers walked into an ambush; as they approached the suspect, one officer asks “What’s he got in his hand?”

“Let’s see your hands, brother,” the other officer tells the suspect, later identified as 51-year-old Barry Freeman.

But instead of putting his hands up, Freeman backed away and began firing his AR-15 as both officers dashed for cover.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Police advocacy group Blue Lives Matter described what happened next:

“A second later, Freeman appeared at the bottom of the frame with a rifle raised to his right shoulder. He waited by a vehicle in ambush before he made his way to the corner of a nearby building, and watched the area the officers had run towards.”

Credit: YouTube

Evansville Police Sgt. Jason Cullum said that Freeman’s prior military training seemed to influence the way that he conducted himself during the ambush.

“Mr Freeman was concealed in darkness and as you can see he moved on at a regular basis. We were told by his son while this event was unfolding that he had prior military experience and based on some of his movements it appeared he was using some training that he may have received.”

Credit: YouTube

During the standoff, cars can be seen driving by, but interestingly, although Freeman could have easily fired on them, he chose not to. Instead, he focused his attack on police officers as they arrived at the scene.

Freeman emptied multiple clips from his AR-15 before switching to a shotgun. One of his neighbours, 56-year-old Jeffrey Kempf, was gunned down and killed by Freeman while trying to help others escape the mayhem.

“We think Freeman believed he was shooting at a police officer, not his neighbour,” Sgt. Cullum said.

Credit: YouTube

The ordeal came to an end when SWAT Officer Kyle Thiry shot at Freeman and hit him in the chest with two rounds from about 55 metres (60 yards) away.

“Officer Thiry is credited with ending Mr Freeman’s rampage that night,” Sgt. Cullum told ABC News. “That is a testament to the skill and the calmness that Officer Thiry displayed that night in bringing peace back to that neighbourhood.”

Police were able to capture Freeman alive and rushed him to hospital but he later succumbed to his wounds.