Sage Northcutt’s Arms Are Getting Completely Out Of Hand

I’m beginning to think that ‘Super’ Sage Northcutt is actually superhuman. Granted, he’s lost a couple of fights in the Octagon now but the friendliest man in MMA is only 21 years of age and if his latest workout pics are anything to go by, he’s developed into something a freak of nature!

Northcutt hasn’t fought since December of last year when he suffered a second-round defeat at the hands of fellow up-and-comer Mickey Gall. However, they were competing at 170 pounds which is Gall’s normal weight limit while Northcutt usually fights down at 155.

Also, for the last few years, he’s been battling MRSA and staph infections which have apparently been cleared up after Sage had his dodgy tonsils removed. Now he’s eager to rebound at the end of this month when he takes on John Makdessi at UFC 214.

“I was a little worried because I would train very hard, I’d be feeling great, and then out of nowhere, I’d get kind of sick, all of a sudden,” Northcutt said on The MMA Hour.

Dude’s always been buff but he’s recently taken sh*t to a new level

“Of course, as anybody would do who fights, especially a UFC fighter, they would try to train through it, so I would train through it, and then it would just run my body down more and more.”

“I had my tonsils removed about four and a half weeks ago, so that’s all healed up,” he stated. “I should be better than ever, stronger than ever, shouldn’t be getting sick anymore, so I’m excited about that.”

Originally, karate phenom was matched up with the relatively unknown Claudio Puelles for 214 but he’s now taking on the highly regarded Makdessi after Puelles pulled out due to injury.

Northcutt is well known for his ridiculous physique but he appears to have taken sh*t to the next level if his latest Instagram posts are anything to go by. Just look at the size of those goddamn arms. It’s a bloody wonder this fella can still make lightweight!