Audio Released Of Ronda Rousey’s Corner During UFC 207 Fight

Audio of Ronda Rousey’s corner has been released following Rousey’s devastating TKO loss to Amanda Nunes at the weekend.

Rousey had been attempting to reclaim the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship title, which she lost via knockout to Holly Holm in November of 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

It took just 48 seconds in the cage for Nunes to finish Rousey in the main event of UFC 207.

Nunes pressed the action extremely early. Nunes became well known in the Women’s Bantamweight division for the fearsome power in her fists following her TKO victory over Miesha Tate to win the title, and this fight would be no different.

Nunes wasted absolutely no time sending Rousey reeling across the octagon with heavy shots that were hardly defended.

In the video below, you can clearly hear Rousey’s coach Edmund Tarverdyan calling for “head movement” multiple times. Rousey instead never moved her head off the centre line, and quickly let her hands drop after being dazed by a big shot while exiting a failed clinch attempt.

Rousey looked extremely shaken after the first exchange with Nunes, and was then overwhelmed when Nunes unleashed a series of heavy strikes along the cage fence. Rousey continued to eat a series of hard punches that forced referee Herb Dean to call a stop to the contest at 48 seconds of the very first round.

Tarverdyan’s coaching skills have long been a subject of contention among mixed martial arts fans and those close to Ronda Rousey herself.

Rousey’s mother, Dr AnnMaria De Mars has been vocal in her disapproval regarding Tarverdyan, who she feels has little to offer her daughter in the way of training. Despite his self proclaimed boxing prowess, Tarverdyan’s coaching has been called into question each time new footage of Rousey sparring, or hitting pads has surfaced.

Analysis of old promotional footage increased following Rousey’s second round knockout loss to Holly Holm.

Rousey’s technique had continued to look sloppy in the lead up to UFC 207, even when hitting pads, and this translated into a major hole in the former champions stand up game, which was exploited by Holm and now Nunes, to great effect.

Watch the video below of Tarverdyan coaching Rousey, and be sure to let us know what you think!