Ronda Rousey Forced Out Of Hiding By House Vandals

You’d think life probably couldn’t get any worse for former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey at the moment.

After an embarrassing first round stoppage, in which she was TKO’d at the 48 second mark by current champion Amanda Nunes, Rousey was probably looking to relax at home and avoid the current social media storm that has been whipped up by her shock loss.

Instead, the first images of Rousey following her loss have been of her inspecting some unreadable graffiti that had been spray painted onto her new home in Venice Beach, California.

Wearing some Reebok gear and looking thorougly stressed out, Rousey checks out a wall that has been defaced with paint, looking to have some faded bruises on her face from her fight last week at UFC 207.




A tentative looking Rousey was immediately pressured to the fence by Amanda Nunes, who is well known for her heavy hands and having a number of knockout wins on her increasingly respectable mixed martial arts resume. Eating big shots early, Rousey was TKO’d by Nunes who overwhelmed the Olympic Judo bronze medalist. Rousey’s technique had continued to look sloppy in the lead up to UFC 207, even when hitting pads, and this translated into a major hole in the former champions stand up game, which was exploited first by Holly Holm, who knocked Rousey out via headkick, and now Nunes who utilized her striking to great effect. Nunes became well known in the Women’s Bantamweight division for the fearsome power in her fists following her TKO victory over Miesha Tate to win the title, and her fight with Rousey turned out to be no different.

Given that Rousey is now well known for retreating from the spotlight following a loss, it is even more disgusting to see her residence vandalized. While the spray painted words are illegible, one has to wonder if Rousey’s home has been specifically targeted. Check out the images below and let us know what you think.