This Is The Dirtiest KO In MMA History

It’s possible that the dirtiest knockout in mixed martial arts history has occurred over the weekend, in China at the WBK 22 event.

At the beginning of a round, it is common for opponents to touch gloves to signal the beginning of the action, and as a gesture of goodwill to each other.

However in this bout, it seems that one of the fighters may have had other plans.

Ibragim Khabilov faced off against Bakhtiyar Baratov, meeting him in the centre of the octagon. Baratov extended his hand to touch gloves, with Khalilov meeting his hands and then immediately throwing a powerful right hook that sent Baratov to the canvas, knocked out cold.

Reviewing the footage, some could argue that it looks like Ibragim was walking forward and was not going to stop to touch gloves in the first place. If you take note of Baratov’s posture and hands, it almost looks like he intends to push the imposing Ibragim away, but is knocked out before it can happen.

In any case, Ibragim did look, at least to this writer, as though he was about to touch gloves with Baratov, and chose at the last moment to instead throw a punch after a fake touch of the gloves. Unfortunately for Baratov, his hands were down, his chin was exposed and unfortunately there’s no rule against bad sports in mixed martial arts.

This is not the first time someone has been hit with a cheap shot. Former UFC fighter and winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 16, Colton Smith, is renowned for the fake glove touch he used to take down his opponent in the elimination round of The Ultimate Fighter. Smith would ultimately go onto win the season, but fight fans around the world were not impressed.

Check out the video of Ibragim’s shot on Baratov, and let us know what you think of the controversial footage!