Nate Diaz Reacts To Mayweather Vs McGregor Press Conference And He’s Not Happy

UFC lightweight star and fan favourite Nate Diaz has let it be known that he wasn’t the biggest supporter of his rival Conor McGregor’s showdown with veteran boxer Floyd Mayweather at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles yesterday. The only man to defeat McGregor in the UFC so far, Diaz made McGregor tap to a rear naked choke in the second round of their short notice bout at UFC 196 back in March of 2016.

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Diaz had seen some adversity in the early goings of the fight, but McGregor’s insistence on chasing a knockout saw him tire out early, with Diaz capitalising and managing to rock the Irish champion, before following him to the ground and punching his way into a rear naked choke.

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McGregor was later able to wind back the clock and take a majority decision from the Stockton native at UFC 202 just five months on, utilising his boxing skills and avoiding confrontations with Diaz on the ground, setting the two on a collision course that will hopefully result in a third fight between two of the most exciting lightweights in the UFC.

There's 1 boss here … @ufc don't forget to repost my shit..

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Diaz took to social media before the press conference at the Staples Centre kicked off, posting up images of his infamous slapping of UFC president Dana White and McGregor, known as the Stockton Slap, while also calling both of them “b*tches”.

Diaz would go on to make his feelings known during the press conference, tweeting a very succinct message of “Smh”, or “shake my head”, pulling over 5000 likes and 2000 retweets at last count.

The often polarising lightweight went on to Tweet “They can’t handle the Realness [sic]… ThAts [sic] why they need to weed me out..”

The Stockton fighter’s rivalry with McGregor has seen fans clamouring for a third fight between the two popular athletes, but with McGregor turning his attention to boxing and taking on Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest fights ever it seems less and less likely that we will see the two face off again in the near future.

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Nate then responded to fans who suggested his win against McGregor doesn’t prove anything about the Floyd Mayweather fight, given he was finished with a choke, rather than boxing.

This fight was ended with punches #tko I just threw in a choke in for fun Just so they no #bereal” he said.

This fight was ended with punches #tko I just threw in a choke in for fun Just so they no #bereal 💯

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Diaz is yet to sign on for another fight in the UFC’s octagon and has made it clear in the past that he is looking for much bigger paydays after receiving much more money for his two bouts with McGregor than he ever did before.

Do you think Diaz is right to be bitter toward McGregor and the UFC, or do you think he’s better off moving on? Check out the reactions from fans below and let us know what you think!