MMA Fight Ends In Dramatic Fashion With Double Knockout

If you’re a fan of knockouts, we’ve got a 2-4-1 deal for ya, right here!

This crazy event occurred at Shamrock FC 285 in Kansas City over the weekend when rival lightweights Alan Vasquez and Axel Cavares stepped into the cage to throw down. The fight barely lasted a minute and a half when an exceedingly rare double-knockout occurred.

The pair spent most of the early part of the fight in a grappling exchange on the ground before getting back to their feet. Vasquez went on the attack, stalking forward and finding his range but just as he decided to throw a big right hook, Cavares had the same idea and unleashed a right of his own.

Amazingly, both punches connected at the exact same time and both men hit the canvas; Vasquez went straight down onto his back while Cavares slumped against the cage.

One commentator completely lost his sh*t and could only manage to repeat the phrase “Oh my goodness” over and over while his co-commentator simply said: “I have never seen that.”

Amazingly, it was Vasquez who managed to get back to his feet first and was thus declared the winner. He copped a hell of a broken nose for his troubles, however, and had to go over to the side of the Octagon to rest his weary head while medical staff attended to both men.

Double knockouts are extremely rare in the sport of mixed martial arts but they do occur from time to time. I’ve always thought it strange that the fighter who manages to get to their feet first is declared the winner, though; surely in this situation, both fighters are unable to intelligently defend themselves so the fight should be called a draw.

That’s my take on it, anyway. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section!