Jon Jones Reveals The Backstage Comment Which Sent Daniel Cormier Into A Fit Of Rage

It’s no secret that UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and troubled former champion Jon Jones have a lot of hatred boiling between the two of them. Jones and Cormier faced off once before at UFC 182 in early 2015 in Las Vegas, with Jones winning a lopsided victory over the former Olympic wrestler. The two rivals had spent months and months in front of cameras, brawling in the lobby of the MGM Grand and trash talking each other at every chance they could get.

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The rematch between Jones and Cormier was set for UFC 200. Jones tested positive for banned substances just days removed from the bout, having also previously spent time out of the sport due to a hit and run incident. In short, Jones has been a mess, and Cormier has had to deal with an opponent who seems more concerned with doing cocaine and crashing his car. All of this has lead to UFC president Dana White saying that Jones would not headline another UFC card and that Jimi Manuwa will be a backup opponent in case the latest fight between Cormier and Jones should fall apart.

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In yet another whirlwind of fiery anger toward each other, an altercation between the two fighters erupted backstage at the UFC’s Summer Kickoff conference, after Jones allegedly talked about Cormier’s kids. Considering the fact that Cormier has had a child die in a car accident with a drunk driver, and Jones’ managed to have a hit and run crash with a pregnant lady back in 2015, it’s pretty clear why Cormier is upset.

Showing his classy side, Jones took to Twitter to air out the dirty laundry between the two, saying “first time he throws a shoe and gets his ass kicked, this time he throws a water bottle,” referring to the last time the two had an altercation, which nearly resulted in their UFC 182 bout being scrapped.

Check out the Twitter exchange between the two rivals below and let us know what you think: