Joe Rogan Slams UFC for Giving Conor McGregor Special Treatment

UFC analyst Joe Rogan

It is no secret that former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is currently the most prized fighter on the roster. With the money he was able to make for the company over the past few years alone, “The Notorious” could seemingly get away with anything, even untoward behavior.

Two weeks ago, McGregor made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he along with a bunch of Irish hooligans decided to attack the UFC fighters’ bus. McGregor himself threw a dolly at the bus window that injured both Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa and subsequently forced them out of their respective fights.

Initially, these actions seemed appalling to UFC president Dana White, who described the incident as “despicable and disgusting” that it “made him sick.” But apparently, it only took a dialogue with the Irishman for White to suddenly change his tune and has seemingly decided to not issue any punishments.

Many observers have expressed their concerns about the UFC’s non-action with regards to McGregor’s UFC 223 rampage. UFC strawweight fighter Michelle Waterson, for one, believes it could be a precedent for other fighters to act the same way if they would be put in the same scenario.

But for long-time UFC analyst and employee Joe Rogan, the UFC giving McGregor too much special treatment can be disconcerting.

“What if that dolly hit the part where Rose was sitting and cut Rose’s face up? Michael Chiesa, I’m sad that he got cut but Chiesa is a tough bastard, he will be fine,” Rogan said on the most recent episode of his JRE MMA Show podcast. “He is probably pissed off, will sue Conor and make a sh-t load of money suing him. But what if it hit Rose? The f—ng world would hate him. What if Rose was blinded in one eye because of that?”

Conor McGregor Reacts to Assault Charges

McGregor lattempts to throw a bike rail towards the UFC bus.

“Switch it around; imagine if Ray Borg threw that dolly and Conor were inside,” he added. “He’d be gone; his career would be over. That’s one of the more f—ked up things about this is that you know Conor is getting special treatment. He is, and that’s not good for anybody.”

At the same time, Rogan did show a bit of concern for McGregor, whom he feels should settle all of his charges outside of the courtroom and pay the damages to everyone involved.

“If I was Conor, I would settle every fucking thing outside of a courtroom because if he loses and he gets a felony, he’s f—ked.”

Photo: Vox

While the UFC may be sweeping McGregor’s case under the rug, the state of New York still requires the Irishman to appear in court on June 14th to face his charges of three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.