Team Mayweather Explains How Floyd Could Defeat Conor McGregor In MMA

It’s on again! The dream of “MayMac II” is back on the cards and seems to be talked about more and more these days.

We are still some time away from a fight announcement, but fuel has been dumped on the fire in an interview with Floyd’s uncle and trainer Jeff Mayweather on Mayweather Boxing Channel. Peaking with the ever-provocative Jody Kohn, Jeff answered a number of questions surrounding Floyd’s form, history and potential in MMA.

Credit: MMA Mania

At 50-0, Jeff was asked whether a transfer over to to MMA could destroy Floyd’ s legacy as the greatest boxer of all time. In reply, Jeff likened the potential move to McGregor’s brief move into boxing. Just like Conor didn’t destroy his legacy as one of the all-time greats of MMA, by fighting outside his sport, Floyd would not tarnish his.

“He’s not a boxer so no one expected him to win” said Jeff Mayweather of Conor.

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When asked specifics of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s chances in the octagon, Jeff had the following to say:

“The punches in MMA are completely different, Conor has a massive advantage over Floyd, but Floyd has a chance. He is way faster and way more elusive than Conor, and he punches harder than Conor.”

“The same way he whooped his ass in boxing he can whoop him in MMA. It’s a dance, it ain’t about running, that’s boxing. MMA fighters do it too. McGregor can’t do that as well as him, and as long as he does that Floyd has a chance of winning.”

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The consensus is that whether you’re a fan of him or not, Mayweather really doesn’t stand a chance in the Octagon. The pundits commenting on the video tend to agree.

“You are out of your mind if you think Connor will lose in the octagon against Floyd providing its mma rules all around. I wouldn’t pay to see this, over before it starts lol” – Matt Mitchell

Whereas a conflicting, but interesting view was put forward here:

“a lot of people don’t know that floyd and the iron sheik used to hang out back in the 90’s. sheik was iranian greco roman champ and coached the american olympic team and taught floyd a lot of grappling over the years … floyd would take conor to the matt and finish him with the camel clutch inside a minute. …” – coelho sports

Check out Jeff Mayweather’s full interview on the Mayweather Boxing Channel below