Jackass Star Steve-O Accidentally Went Off Script In WWE And Gets Brutally Knocked Out

If you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that features stunt performer/comedian/TV personality Steve-O, do yourself a favour and get amongst it.

Credit: Youtube

In the two and a half hour show, the pair discuss everything from Steve-O’s Jackass and Wildboyz days, to his drug abuse and addiction, all the way through to his rehabilitation and career as a fledgeling stand-up comic.

Their epic chat is littered with funny and insane stories from throughout the daredevils career but none stood out more than the time that he got knocked out when performing for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Here is how Steve-O explained what happened:

“I got in the ring with the Monday Night Raw — the wrestling,” Steve-O explained.

“This was so fu*king terrible. It was so bad because, here’s the thing, I was never a wrestling fan.

“I never got into it. I just didn’t understand it. So when we got in the ring to promote it, we kinda walked through what the moves were gonna be with this wrestler who has since passed away, his name was Umaga.

“So we walked through what it was, and I’m gonna do a backflip off the top rope, and it was pretty incredible how they just very loosely walk through everything.

“But we know what the moves are and we know what’s supposed to be the final move.”

So far, so good. But then Steve-O fu*ked up but not laying still like a good actor…

“What I did not know, and this proved to be really bad, I did not know that the match isn’t over until you actually play dead.

“You have to be completely still.

“So at the end, the final hit when we were doing it live, he was hitting so much fu*king harder. He jumped off the top rope and landed on me. So here’s the thing, it’s supposed to be over, but if you notice, I’m not playing dead, I’m rolling around. And so here he notices, and it’s supposed to be over at this point, but he’s offended, and this was never supposed to happen, he knocked me out, and I don’t remember anything after that.”

Credit: Youtube

The old Steve-O from Jackass and Wildboyz was famous for his abilities to get himself into absolutely crazy situations and to take one hell of a beating. Both of those abilities are on display in the following video…