Gunman Attempts to Rob Families on Mother’s Day, Off-Duty Cop Mum Responds

Incredible footage has emerged of a gunman’s attempted armed robbery outside a school that was thwarted by a waiting mother – who turned out to also be an off-duty military police officer.

21-year-old Elivelton Moreira decided that a group of mothers attending a special school Mother’s Day event in a rich suburb of in Sao Paulo, Brazil, would be easy pickings but his error in judgement ended up costing him everything.

With his pistol pointed at the group of panic-stricken mums and their kids, Moreira looked cool, calm, and collected as he demanded their purses.

But things went south real fast when one mum – off-duty military police officer Katia da Silva Sastre – decided to take matters into her own hands.

42-year-old Sastre’s years of training kicked in as she drew her pistol, aimed it at Moreira, and got off two close-range shots in quick succession.

Moreira approaches

Sastre immediately opens fire

The would-be robber fell to the ground and began writhing around in pain as the other parents bundled their kids into cars and fled the chaotic scene.

Instant regret

Sastre can then be seen calmly collecting Moreira’s gun from the middle of the road after he drops it.

A few minutes later, emergency services arrived at the scene and took him off to hospital but it was in vain; Moreira died as a result of his injuries.

Despite what Sao Paulo Governor Márcio França described as a “regrettable outcome”, Sastre was honoured in a ceremony the day after the incident took place.


Sastre has been a police officer for more than 20 years, which is plain to see by the way she cooly handed this dire situation.

A spokesperson for the police force released the following statement in the wake of the incident:

“These criminals lose control easily. Katia didn’t know if he was going to react by shooting at the children, the moms or the headteacher who was at the school entrance. She just thought about defending the parents, the children, herself and her daughter.”

Anyone who has ever seen a mother protecting their young in the wild knows just how brave they can be. It should come as no shock that human mums have the exact same instincts and act the exact same way.

As for Moreira, that lesson came the hard way and it was the last one he ever learned.